Self Development · Dance · Healing · Manifesting

The #1 thing that coaches recommend to get into your Feminine Energy is to dance! This is part of what makes this course unique, compared to other products on the market. Taught by a world renowned Professional Dancer and certified Self Development Coach, these 2 worlds meet here! This is a course unlike any other. 

You will experience heightened states during the practices, and gaze at the beautiful backdrop of Bali, as you go through the course lessons. 

Transformational Training, Dance, Manifest, Repeat!

Shift your energy, change your life!!!

After purchasing, you will have lifetime access to the course!

This course supports women in learning how to embody feminine radiance, so they can feel whole, and attract the love, relationships, connection, success, and fulfillment they desire, instead of pushing it away. (Which is what many women unknowingly do).

Imagine the feeling of :

  • a sense of ease and flow in your high powered job.
  • expansion in your creative expression and energy.
  • getting the attention you want from the right guy or guys.
  • attracting more success and money by doing less.
  • lasting wholeness and happiness

The Goddess Within is a month long in depth online course, specifically designed for hard working, busy, women!!

Are you tired of constantly striving & pushing to make things happen? Do you find yourself up in your head a lot, instead of in your body?

If you feel out of balance, want to heal wounding around femininity, release and rewire limiting beliefs, create new thought patterns, and feel amazing in your body every day, let's get started!

Through the avenues of Self Development Education, Dance Practice, Meditation, and Movement, we take a month long transformational journey (a time frame which reflects a woman's menstrual cycle and hormonal changes, honoring her natural essence).

Learn how to transform your life and relationships, by tuning into your feminine energy and power, revealing and healing what gets in your way, and becoming a magnet for what you really wantFeel sexy and fun learning a full dance routine step by step. Feel refreshed and renewed.


Embody The Goddess Within Online Course

What's Included in the Course

Each week of the month long course, explores new themes and practices, releasing what's not serving you, and getting in touch with several healthy feminine energies.

  • Video tutorials. Intentional Dance Instruction, Archetypal Dance, Trance Dance, & Self Development training

  • Writing Exercises

  • Meditation, Body Care Movement, Embodiment, Cycle Harmony, Energy Boost Practice , Releasing & Purging, Healing

  • Strengthen Intuition, Ritual, Manifestation

  • Sense awareness, Nature Connection

  • Confidence building, Magnetic Attraction Training, Elevate your energy & vibration, Shifting, Re Patterning

Change the way you live!

Heal yourself and embody radiant feminine energy to attract what you desire in life and love.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome - Start here

    • COURSE OVERVIEW - Read this first before beginning the course. IMPORTANT

    • How to navigate this course - WEEKLY time management

    • How to structure your COURSE MONTH - Calendar example

    • How much TIME do I need to allow to complete each lesson?

    • WHAT IS FEMININE ENERGY? If I'm a female don't I innately have feminine energy? Why is it important?

    • Meet your instructor

  • 2


    • MEDITATION - Posture Instruction

    • Introduction to the Dance - Goddess Dance

    • WARM UP - Preparing our feet to dance (Can also be done as a grounding practice)

    • Intuition | Girlish Charm | Earth & Cycles | Water | The Seductress

    • Resistance QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF - to come back to throughout the course

    • Goddess Dance FULL - Rice Field view

    • Periods (Menstruation)

  • 3

    WEEK 1

    • Week One - Sections and Overview

  • 4

    The SENSES - Week 1

    • Instructions pre video watch

    • The SENSES

    • Homework for the week

    • Notes from your higher self

  • 5

    INTUITION - Week 1

    • Introduction to INTUITION


    • Intuition - DANCE LESSON. Step by step movement instruction

    • Intuition - Dance Flow PRACTICE 1 - Wrists | Fingers | Arms

    • Intuition - Dance Flow PRACTICE 2 - Arms and Hip shimmies & beats


  • 6

    HEART EXPAND - Week 1

    • Instructions pre video watch

    • Taking up space - Expanding and Heart Opening guided movement exercise

    • HOMEWORK - Heart Expand homework. Post video exercise

  • 7

    SPINAL CARE - Week 1

    • Movement and Breathing exercise for relief from anxiety and lower back pain

  • 8

    MEDITATION - Week 1

    • Guided 10 minute Meditation + Growth & Manifestation training

  • 9

    WEEK 2

    • Week Two - Sections and Overview

  • 10

    GIRLISH CHARM - Week 2

    • Introduction to GIRLISH CHARM


    • Girlish Charm - DANCE LESSON. Step by step movement instruction

    • Girlish Charm - Dance Flow PRACTICE 1 - Isolations: shoulders | hips | chest | head

    • Girlish Charm - Dance Flow PRACTICE 2 - Hip accents

    • Girlish Charm - DANCE COMBINATION PRACTICE - BACK view

  • 11

    Dark Side | Shadow Self - Week 2

    • Shadow side | Dark side - information about and exercise

  • 12


    • Instructions pre video watch

    • Primal Release - follow along exercise

  • 13

    PLAY - Week 2

    • PLAY - Something to think about…

    • Integrating play

    • PLAY - Homework

  • 14

    MEDITATION - Week 2

    • 10 minute Meditation + Growth & Manifestation training

  • 15

    WEEK 3

    • Week Three - Sections and Overview

  • 16


    • Short and effective exercise for increasing energy immediately and oxygenating the blood

  • 17

    RITUAL - Week 3

    • Ritual exercise - Start here

    • Setting up your symbolic space

    • ARMS - Intentional Movement

    • Ritual - Arm Movement Practice

    • The Process

    • Ritual - Release and Attract

  • 18


    • Introduction to EARTH AND CYCLES


    • Earth and Cycles - DANCE LESSON. Step by step movement instruction

    • Earth and Cycles - Dance Flow PRACTICE 1 - Hips

    • Earth and Cycles - Dance Flow PRACTICE 2 - Feet and Arms

    • Earth and Cycles - DANCE COMBINATION PRACTICE - BACK view

  • 19

    MEDITATION - Week 3

    • Guided 10 minute Meditation + Growth & Manifestation training

  • 20

    WEEK 4

    • Week Four - Sections and Overview

  • 21

    WATER - Week 4

    • Introduction to WATER

    • Water - DANCE LESSON. Step by step movement instruction

    • Water - Dance Flow PRACTICE 1 - Arm waves

    • Water - Dance Flow PRACTICE 2 - Hips: cirlces | Umis | Fluid Hip walk

    • Water front view

    • Water back view

  • 22


    • Introduction to THE SEDUCTRESS

    • The Seductress - DANCE LESSON. Step by step movement instruction

    • Goddess Dance FULL - Front view - Follow along

    • seductress back

    • The Seductress - Contemplation and Homework

  • 23

    Females are beautiful at any age - Week 4

    • Something to keep in mind...

  • 24

    MEDITATION - Week 4

    • Guided 10 minute Meditation + Growth & Manifestation training

  • 25

    Goddess Dance in FULL - follow along - Week 4

    • Goddess Dance FULL - Front view - Follow along

    • FULL Combination - Back facing view - Follow along

  • 26

    PERFORMANCE - Week 4

    • Goddess Dance - Luscious Floral

  • 27

    COMPLETION - Week 4

    • Did you know that... mystery surprise 😉about female sexuality

    • Essence Dressing

    • Essence Dressing Homework

    • Celebrate and choose an object

  • 28


    • In Closing


The Goddess Within Live Workshop

R.B. | Writer / World Traveler

"Fayzah is a warm-hearted, gentle soul who instantly made me feel comfortable the second I entered the space. She was considerate and attentive to everyone's needs, answered our many questions and most importantly, got us thinking and feeling. I learned a lot about myself that day and also got some great reminders of things I'd forgotten about. The workshop included dancing, talking, thinking, feeling, crying and laughing all in the space of a few hours and I'm so grateful I found it. I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop and anything that Fayzah does; your heart won't regret it".

Self Development/Feminine Energy

Lara Borm | Netherlands

"Hi Fayzah, I want you to know what an impact you’ve made on my life. You are the person that awakened something inside of me and this has grown a lot. I feel a thousand times more myself, more feminine, more playful, more sexy and most of all more okay with all of the above. You were there for me on very low moments in my life and I will never stop appreciating this.

Dance Instruction

Luba Evans | Founder, Empowered Womanhood

"I have been taking classes with Fayzah over several years. She is an incredibly gifted teacher and dancer, with a unique sense of the inner workings of nature. I would say that she is a queen of flow. She has a beautiful mysterious style, rooted in authentic ancient cultures. At the same time she has a very hip and modern alignment. Fayzah is a rare gift to the world. I am lucky to have her as my dance teacher."

Mind Body Practices

Monica Sweeney | Boston, USA

"After I did the routine this morning I was feeling really strong. I can make a lot of excuses for why I can’t get moving or take a few minutes to pause, but this has been manageable and now it actually feels like a real part of my day. Thank you for doing it and thank you for being a positive influence! It’s making my days brighter. 🌼"


Isis Latorre | Writer / Blogger | Montpellier, France

"I did a Wellness/Movement Session with Fayzah in Buenos Aires. I learned new exercises I never did before and I still think about them now."

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Ready to make a one-time investment that will pay off in all areas of your life? I initially valued this program at $597. But, I want to make your transformation as smooth as possible and support you to find your sacred feminine essence. And so, I decided to offer you an additional $100 discount. When you order today, you only pay $497, which is my gift for trusting your intuition and allowing your inner goddess to manifest. No price tag reflects how much worth lies in tuning into your feminine energy and power, revealing and healing what gets in your way by learning to tap into your intuition and becoming a magnet for what you really want. This is a transformative course that abounds in holistic techniques. For only $497, you get the secret sauce of how to become the strongest version of yourself.

What will I get?

Develop "inner game", creating magnetism from within, instead of seeking it from outside (which may make us feel better momentarily but is always short lived). I've condensed years of study with top level coaches, psychologists, movement experts, and trainers, and a lot of personal experience into a clear and complete course here! You will learn tools to quickly manifest your deepest desires.



  • When does the course start and finish?

    The course is designed to be completed within a months time. However you can go back and re do and review lessons at any time! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

  • Do I need to purchase anything in addition to the course?

    Absolutely not! You will receive everything you need via the complete course. I recommend having a notebook to write in, rather than doing the journaling exercises on your computer or mobile device.


Fayzah Fire

Fayzah is a world renowned Multi-Disciplinary Professional Dancer (choreographer/instructor), and Self Development Certified Coach, (through The Foundation for Conscious Living). Her practice includes supporting Executives, CEOs, and people who are overly cerebral / left brain dominant, on developing and tapping into other parts of themselves, and unleashing their creativity. She also specializes in Feminine Energy, Intuitive Healing, & Confidence Coaching.